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Pottery Course (5 Weeks)

Pottery Course (5 Weeks)

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Classes are held each day within your selected date range (Fri, Sat, or Sun).

This is a 5 week course to learn about clay preparation, wheel throwing, trimming, glazing, and firing. 

We have a small 4 person class size, so expect lots of personalized help!

One price includes all materials, equipment, and classes.  

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Sonoga
I'd find a different place

I took a class with thus group over the winter. The class room was small and the instructors were fine. However I've taken other pottery classes for the same price that were far better. My pieces took forever to get returned when they finally were they weren't even the pieces I made and they were all broken. It's a lot fun to throw on the wheel but the company is not worth the time or money

Mary Roth
Welcoming for everyone and I made beautiful ceramics

As someone in my 50s, I was a bit apprehensive about joining the course, but it was so welcoming and inclusive! I was amazed at the progress I made and I'm proud of my pieces

I'm so glad you had a fun time and I hope you keep going!

Relaxing class!

Perfect way to unwind and get creative over the weekends. Week 2 was when the course really got going with making our own pieces.The glazing session was very different from other courses nearby and the party in the final week was such a fun experience. There is no intermediate course yet which is the only downside.

Glad you found the class relaxing and we will email you about intermediate classes soon!

Gradual learning approach

I tried the other lesson with my husband first and decided to take the full course. I appreciated the gradual approach to learning, starting with the basics and working our way up. Week 3's 'try to fail class was my favorite to encourage me to test my limits. Glaze week was a lot of fun, and the party at the end was the perfect way to wrap up the course. I'm already planning to gift my pottery pieces to friends and family!

Thank you so much! Try to Fail might be my favorite week too :)

John P
Made Sense

I've always wanted to try pottery and this course exceeded my expectations. the progression from week to week was smooth and made sense.

Thank you John!